Living the dream.

Running Mumbai Marathon was nothing less than a dream. One of the day in my life where I  witnessed the best version of myself. This is not quantified on basis of timing but it was just my inner soul who was the happier person that day. 2017 I missed 2017 sub 4 target due to … Continue reading Living the dream.

Aage ka Rasta Khatarnak Hai, Krupiya Gaadi Dhyaan se chalaiy

I have always encountered challenges in my life and if not always, most of the time, conquered it. Cycling has taken me to places I have never been before, the levels I have never reached, the problems I have never faced. And I never made a regret about it. In fact I love to always … Continue reading Aage ka Rasta Khatarnak Hai, Krupiya Gaadi Dhyaan se chalaiy

Dont’ Chase Your dream, Run them Down #TMM

"...Ek Din Sea link bhaguga", I announced few years back. Some 6 years back , I was studying M.C.A in NMITD college, Dadar. The college is on the famous Dadar Chowpaty. One can see the complete structure of BWSL from the college. During my 3 years of education and daily getting a dose of Sea … Continue reading Dont’ Chase Your dream, Run them Down #TMM

IDBI Mumbai : Road to Dream

Starva Activity :  Analysis This marathon was never about finisher's medal or pics or long posts or say FUN, but it was for my dream to run to sea-link. You wonder, how? Confused...!! Let me explain. In year 2015 I ran Pune International marathon (my first ever) and finsihed it in 2:26:16 and I thought … Continue reading IDBI Mumbai : Road to Dream

Reasons to leave Earth

If it's birthday or an occasion to celebrate or a religious festival on 5th June, we humans would have celebrated and in fact, the preparation would have been planned in advance. There's nothing wrong with it. Why not we do the same way for the "World Environment Day". After all only thing close to us … Continue reading Reasons to leave Earth

Infosys – Sparsh Marathon 2016

Well... ! This is  my maiden blog on running  but not maiden 10 K. So What so special about this marathon. Well I can sum it up this event in just one name "Hiren Patel"  There are many other secondary reason too like,  Come back to serious running , Infosys Campus, social cause & many … Continue reading Infosys – Sparsh Marathon 2016

Loosing to Pasarni in 300 km brevet

After 2 months of break from competitive cycling ,due to IT band injury which I suffered in month of Jan, this was a come back for me. The last two months life has thought me much lessons than what I have learnt in whole life put it together. It was just because of 600 Km brevet which … Continue reading Loosing to Pasarni in 300 km brevet

Kolhapur Curry 400 Kms. Nailed It!

The 200 Km was completed successfully. After 200 I realized that I can try for Super Randonneur this year itself. Details  Route Title: Kolhapur Curry - CCD Finish Length : 400 Km (405.50 Km) Team : Pune Randonneurs Time : 27 Hours (Max) More details… Preparation This time I have practiced a lot like riding 100+ … Continue reading Kolhapur Curry 400 Kms. Nailed It!