Living the dream.


Running Mumbai Marathon was nothing less than a dream. One of the day in my life where I  witnessed the best version of myself. This is not quantified on basis of timing but it was just my inner soul who was the happier person that day.


I missed 2017 sub 4 target due to lack of training. I was in a myth that I was training myself properly and adequately. Until my eyes were opened by our own Ironman guru Anirban Mukherjee a.k.a D A D A. During a success party of an Olympic distance Triathlon conducted by himself and his team Recreational Triathlete RT, he shared his view and experience of how to evolve your running, make progress and more importantly how much to train according to your current status.

2017, Standing with some superb runners and my favorites.

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Aage ka Rasta Khatarnak Hai, Krupiya Gaadi Dhyaan se chalaiy

I have always encountered challenges in my life and if not always, most of the time, conquered it. Cycling has taken me to places I have never been before, the levels I have never reached, the problems I have never faced. And I never made a regret about it. In fact I love to always remain surrounded by them, survive in them. The problems and challenges make me, it take me a step further., helps me to raise the bar. This brevet is the story of same thing. This was an unfinished business. I have never felt so strong in spite of doing some successful challenges and races previously (e.g Deccan Cliffhanger 2017). This story of heaven is about the same thing, a NEW ME”.

A short brief about Gates of Heaven 1200 KM brevet

There are many 1200 Km brevet in India, but this ones stands out.

Check out the Route

The Route / 1200 Km/ 90 hours

The Gates of heaven is a 1200 km BRM run by Bangalore Randonneurs in association with AIR (Audax India Randonneurs) & LRM (Les Randonneurs Mondiaux) This ride takes you on a roller coaster across the three southern states i.e. Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala, cutting through the exquisite country side , climbs on the colossal hills of Yeracaud, Nilgiris, Wayanad,Coorg, Sakleshpur, Chickmagaluru.. These are some winding and deadly rolling terrain with an overall elevation gain of 13000+ mtrs.

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Dont’ Chase Your dream, Run them Down #TMM

“…Ek Din Sea link bhaguga”, I announced few years back.

Some 6 years back , I was studying M.C.A in NMITD college, Dadar. The college is on the famous Dadar Chowpaty. One can see the complete structure of BWSL from the college. During my 3 years of education and daily getting a dose of Sea link, there was a strong urge to visit the sea link and enjoy the view of Mumbai from the other side, take photographs, enjoying Arabian sea , experience sunset, sunrise and what not. But soon acquired the knowledge that pedestrian and two wheeler are not allowed on the sea link. I could have hired the taxi and went around it but I announced i would run the sea link one day. I promised my self. Believe me I was still unaware of the fact that one can run the sea link, as it is part of the Asia’s No.1 Race i.e Standard Chattered Mumbai Marathon. I knew that this kind of event is there but little did i have interest in that, i ignored the fact, I continued my NORMAL life which society usually expects from every young graduate and I was no different (then).

All this was happening during 2014-15. From somewhere I was informed about SCMM and that is when I gave myself target that I will run SCMM 2017. Unfortunately injuries, ad-hoc training runs, less knowledge about this sport failed me to qualify for this Asia’s No.1 marathon. I simply shifted the plan to do it 2018.

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IDBI Mumbai : Road to Dream

Starva Activity :  Analysis

This marathon was never about finisher’s medal or pics or long posts or say FUN, but it was for my dream to run to sea-link. You wonder, how? Confused…!! Let me explain.

Image result for BWSL
Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai

In year 2015 I ran Pune International marathon (my first ever) and finsihed it in 2:26:16 and I thought that I had by now qualified for SCMM 2017 (Mumbai marathon) on which I would run over Sea-Link. But when the registrations were opened, SCMM has revised the criteria of qualification and i was just short of 1 minutes and 16 seconds. So this implies that I have to run an another half marathon to qualify for this with a better timing and above all that I will run in 2018 (a wait for 2 years)

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Reasons to leave Earth

If it’s birthday  or an occasion to celebrate or a religious festival on 5th June, we humans would have celebrated and in fact the preparation would have been planned in advance. There’s nothing wrong in it. Why not we do same way for the “World Environment Day“. After all only thing close to us is nature  and if we have the prime religion then it’s Humanity.

We human love to socialize with every other person. We love to increase our circle , keep tracks of our profile pictures like, nos of friends on Facebook , followers on Instagram, Twitter,etc. The technological advancement in 21st Century has  provided some of the most powerful instruments and tools including Internet, bio-medical advancement, space research and made us the most intellectual , powerful animal  on the planet Earth who is now working with a plan to colonize the human being on another planet ‘Mars’.  If this happens , Congrats to all of us as this would be the biggest achievement in the history of mankind .

But anyone has asked Why to leave this planet. Well the answer is “We don’t have much thing left here required for us to live.”

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Infosys – Sparsh Marathon 2016

Well… ! This is  my maiden blog on running  but not maiden 10 K.

So What so special about this marathon. Well I can sum it up this event in just one name

“Hiren Patel”

 There are many other secondary reason too like,  Come back to serious running , Infosys Campus, social cause & many others. But the one person because of which  I have taken running seriously is Hiren. And not just me but many others in Pune , Mumbai. I can recall the day where in WhatsApp group of Pune randonneurs some riders were discussing about changing MTB tires to hybrid and making it less weight. It was secondary stuff to ride but first time then i heard the name of Hiren over there. Some one posted “Hiren has done 600 on a single speed , forget about tyres”. This was first time I was inspired by him and it continued till now and will always in future. Every time he’s on track he tries to beat himself, his own records.  So I was glad to meet him on the race day.

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Loosing to Pasarni in 300 km brevet

After 2 months of break from competitive cycling ,due to IT band injury which I suffered in month of Jan, this was a come back for me.

The last two months life has thought me much lessons than what I have learnt in whole life put it together. It was just because of 600 Km brevet which i have attempted on 9 Jan & could not have finished. Thanks to the IT Band ,remind me about people who are with me. The attempt was never to prove to anyone but to myself , for my dream to become SR (Super Randonneur) which initially, Only I could see.

I would suggest every one to attempt brevet and try to fail, your circle would become narrow. The more it becomes narrow , the less bullshit you have to deal with. And you become more closer to your loved ones than anyone else. Because they were always there to believe in you , if not in your dreams, to love you, if not your cycling.


Route Title: Strawberry Fields (Pune- Wai – Mahableshwar- Satara – Pune return)

Length : 300 Km

Team : Pune Randonneurs

Time : 20 Hours (Max)

More details…


I have never used to this title in my previous post and using it now, you know why? Well ! Now i know the importance of planning. Thanks to randonneuring.

Part of this route , I have never cycled , or visited earlier. So literally I was unfamiliar to road , conditions, elevations , estimated time for segments & many more parameters. Only input I had was from GPS data about the route from

So, I started to get acquaintance with the route , so I would be having no more surprises. Looking out  google maps with satellite version , to check provisions for food and water on way to mahableshwar top from Wai base. Checking Strava details for other riders who have completed Mumbai – Mahableshwar – Mumbai 600 Km brevet.

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